Documents from the Port of Bellingham illustrating the use of presentations to generate interest in Bellingham International Airport (BLI).

Words to look for:



Economic Driver

Carbon Dioxide

How about we just call the work at BLI a remodel and not an expansion. The only reason we brought in trailers was to serve an airline that left and the seating is outside the security area.





Example One:

The following question was presented to the BIAAC. The BIAAC is a small group that meets every 4-8 weeks to discuss Airport Operations. The committee is 98% Airport Staff. This is a sounding board for local residents.

Barbara Brenner - Whatcom County Council - Husband is a pilot and he does business out of BLI.

The above slide was presented in June, 2007 to Frontier Airlines. This identifies Allegiant's passenger catchment.

Example Two, Port of Bellingham

Doug Smith from the Port was quoted in the Bellingham Herald on June 20th of
this year(2008).

The whole idea of attracting Seattle travelers to Bellingham to use our airport, I think that
would be totally unacceptable to the community,
” Smith said.

So I think Mr. Smith should be asked why lower BC would be any different than
Seattle’s influx.