Bellingham Noise Study Results - (June 2009)

Bellingham Noise Study Results - (April 2009)

Comment: The study site selected (Site 1) by the Port of Bellingham did not take into account a natural noise shadow for the area located south of the runway. The area would be protected from aircraft takeoffs to the North. The study was also conducted during low peak travel times.


Why was the study done in February, when a majority of our traffic is in the summer?  

Art Choat(Director of Aviation):

Because we have very little difference in the number of Commercial flights from one month of the year to another.  Doing the work in February also gives a truer picture, because of the lack of vegetation and leaves on the trees.


BLI Airline Passenger Counts

Airline Month Year Aircraft Deplaned Enplaned
Allegiant Air Feb 2009 103 13,545 14,216
Feburary Total 103 13,545 14,216
Allegiant Air Jul 2009 146 20,132 20,489
Alaska Air Jul 2009 14 1,644 1,618
July Total 160 21,776 22,107
% Change 55.34% 60.77% 55.51%
Allegiant Air Aug 2009 142 19,774 20,300
Alaska Air Aug 2009 18 2,233 2,305
August Total 160 22,007 22,605
% Change 55.34% 62.47% 59.01%

Source Port of Bellingham

Robin Gardner(HMMH Engineer):

Vegetation (leaves on trees) and noise shadow are not considered in the Nosie Study.



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